About Me

I was born on December 27th in Tottenhman, London, but, apart from spending my very early year as a baby in England, those were my only few memories of here. My family and I relocated to the birthplace and home of my parents, beautiful Dominica, where my passion and appreciation for music was honed and flourished.

It was our tradition to dance together, sing and enjoy music from every culture every Sunday afternoon.  From Soca to Calypso, soul to R&B, Stevie Wonder to Michael Jackson to Hues Corporation with their infectious, ‘Rock The Boat’, and every other hit released.  My parents owned them all!!

I realised then, how much joy and vibrance that music brought to my life, and to those around me.  My appreciation for the arts grew as well, as I engaged in painting and poetry, all the time humming a tune in harmony along with the radio; it was my favourite past time.

It wasn’t long before I started seeking other avenues in which to sing. So it was natural, that the church choir and a local Buyon Music Group followed.  I sang a duet with the lead singer of accomplished Dominican band WCK, and got a taste of what it felt like to stand behind a microphone.  That’s all I needed, I was officially hooked!!

It seemed only right to attempt to achieve my goal of singing, and so, at 15 years old, I headed to the ‘Big Apple’, America!!  So Daunting!! After watching way too much television in Dominica, I somehow, thought that I would simply, step out of the plane in America, and BOOM!! Get signed to this massive record deal, because I was the best singer in the world!!! LOL .. WAKE UP CALL!!!! That did NOT happen. If anything America has been a humbling and insightful experience.  It slapped me into reality from the first blast of the blizzard I walked into when I landed!

Combine that with Culinary School, chef jobs with many many hours standing in a kitchen , singing,  singing and more singing, every year since the one when I left, in 2009 to return home to England, has been eye opening, sometimes painful, but overall a necessity  in my musical journey. I’ve learned to never take your blessings for granted, to work incessantly hard to achieve everything, to trust the Lord and not much else, that there are so many amazing artists around me, all striving for the same dreams.  But most importantly, that I am just, but one voice, trying to make a difference, in my life and in the lives of those around me.

For every clap or criticism I receive, it makes me stronger, and apart from wishing that my father (aka Daddums) were still alive to share in my life and from also wishing that my mother would live forever, there is not much else that I would rather do, than continue to sing, for as long as I possibly can.

Rock on!!